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First in Rajasthan: A police station with gym

Hindustan Times Feb 08, 2017 20:38 IST Sachin Saini

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Jaipur: Images of cops with pot bellies will soon be passé in Rajasthan, as the police department plans to have a gym in police stations to keep them “mentally and physically fit”.First such state-of-the-art gym was opened by an aviation company under its corporate social responsibility at the Sanganer police station in Jaipur on Wednesday. Inaugurating the gym, Jaipur police commissioner Sanjay Agarwal said that more police stations in Jaipur will get the facility soon so that “our men remain mentally and physically fit”. “Stay fit will be our mantra now,” the police chief said.

The gym has a multi-purpose machine, cross trainer, treadmill, bench press and dumb bells. The equipment cost the aviation company ₹6 lakh. “A police man works 24X7 and needs some exercise to stay healthy,” the police commissioner said. Addressing the gathering comprising members of community liaison group (CLG), residents and philanthropists, he said: “We believe that without communities support police cannot work effectively – CLG has important role to play. For better coordination and relationship with people, the commissioner’s office has started a cricket league – now we will be taking it further and form Youth Club at every police station, where they will help in policing and we will also give them skills.”

Emphasising on the use of technology, Agarwal said, “For work efficiency and transparency, technology should be used. We want to have tech-savvy police stations.”He asked policemen to value time. “It is learnt that people who approaches or is called to police station had to wait for long, this should not be there. If a person is called for statement or some other work should be dealt in maximum 30 minutes,” Agarwal said. Deputy commissioner of police (Jaipur East) Kunwar Rastradeep said that Sanaganer police station was doing a good job as the number of cases registered reduced from 1,500 to 1,000 in a year. “When a policeman is recruited, he or she goes through a physical test, but during work, they don’t get time to exercise. A gym at their workplace will enable to spare at least 30 minutes every day to their health,” he said. Indigo Airlines corporate communications director Ajay Jasra said the company will soon announce a scheme to offer free flight trips to cops, who reduce the maximum weight. “We plan to open gyms at police stations in 36 cities,” he added.

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