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Rajasthan Government to set up dedicated Units to Probe Crimes against Women in 7 Districts

Rajasthan government is setting up investigative units to investigate crimes against women in 7 districts of the state namely Udaipur, Pratapgarh, Ajmer, Alwar, Jhalawar, Sriganganagar, and Jodhpur (East).

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Dedicated Units to Probe Crimes against Women

Dedicated Units to Probe Crimes against Women in 7 Districts

Dedicated Units to Probe Crimes against Women in 7 Districts

Dedicated Units to Probe Crimes against Women in 7 Districts

Giving a nod to the proposal made by Union Home Ministry, the Rajasthan government is gearing up to establish special, dedicated units for investigating crimes against women. These units will be set up in 7 districts if the state namely Sriganganagar, Ajmer, Alwar, Pratapgarh, Jhalana, and Jodhpur (East). The units will be set up at 50:50 cost ratio, equally shared between state and centre with a ceiling of INR 28 Lakhs for each.

The main aim of establishing these units will be to resolve heinous crimes like rape, dowry death, acid attacks, human trafficking, and others. It would also encourage more and more women to lodge complaints and would also bring a positive change by improving gender ratio in the police force. This needs to be done to ensure effective implementation of laws that protect women.

Apart from the investigation, these units will also perform additional functions like proactive policing, tackling organized crimes, and monitoring the implementation of legislative provisions. Thus it would encourage social participation in keeping a check on crimes against women.

In order to counter the rising number of crimes against women, the Union Home Ministry issued a notification to all the Chief Ministers. In the letter, Home Minister Rajnath Singh mentioned that elements of the criminal justice system needed to be strengthened to deal with crimes against women.


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