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Rajasthan Assembly elections 2018: New voter list is prepared

Rajasthan Assembly elections 2018 are going to be held in Rajasthan in few months. The new voter list is prepared by electoral department and is declared

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Rajasthan voter list

Rajasthan Assembly Elections

Rajasthan voter list

Rajasthan Assembly Elections

The preparations of Rajasthan Assembly elections 2018 are going on. The final electoral roll list has been declared by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Anand Kumar on Friday. In the list, few changes have been made. This list has been prepared after second review programme conducted across Rajasthan. Approximately 7.9 lacs names are removed from the list. Know more.

On the official website of CEO office, the final list of voters is shared. The list has names of the voters. In fact, till the nomination paper filing, the candidates can get their names added. On 2nd October, the voter lists will be read in all the villages and ward assemblies of the state.

Changes made in the electoral list

In July this year, a draft list of Rajasthan voters was issued by CEO’s office. As per the daft, there were 4.75 crore voters in the state.  At the time of revision of the electoral list, a total of 7,84,061 application forms were received out of which 7,60,288 applications were accepted. Chief Electoral Officer Anand Kumar said that in the final list out of the 4,74,79,402 voters, 2,47,60,755 are men while 2,27,18,647 are women.

In the revision list, names of 3,91,805 males and 3,99,515 females were removed. Before removing the names, the verification conducted by the election department


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