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Main Centers of the Revolt of 1857 in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the states which actively took part in the rebellion of 1857. Here we are talking about few of the main centers of rebellion in Rajasthan.

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1857 freedom struggle india rajasthan

1857 freedom struggle india rajasthan

Naseerabad was the first place in Rajasthan where the Revolt of 1857 began. The revolt here started on 28 May 1857, 18 days after Meerut. This place was named for British officer Sir David Ochterlony, after Mughal Emperor Shah Alam II awarded him with the title of Nasir-ud-Daula ("Defender of the State"). The city is renowned for the cantonment area where several officers and army personnel were posted.

The Jodhpur Legion based at Marwaar(Erinpura) was a major part of the revolt of 1857. During the The Indian Mutiny, which is now considered to be India's First War of Independence, the revolt here started on 23 August 1857. The rebellion troops were led by Thakur Khushal Sing of Auwa. On 8 September 1957, the Legion defeated the British force in Bithola (Pali). Mark Messon, a British Political agent was also murdered here during the revolt.

The Legion remained at Auwa until they started marching towards Delhi on 10 October 1857. A force led by Colonel Gerrard was sent by the British from Delhi to stop the Legion. Gerard's force fought with the Legion in a battle which took place at Narnaul on 16 November 1857. The Legions were defeated in the battle. However, the Colonel got severely wounded and subsequently died.


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