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High Speed Trains to run between Udaipur and Ajmer

First in Ajmer railway division, the electrified track will become fully operational by 2019.

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Ajmer: Ajmer railway division will soon have trains running on electrified tracks between Udaipur and Ajmer, at the speed of 130 km/hour.

The work of electrification of the railway track was started in March 2016 and already 30 percent of the work is completed. By the end of present finance year that is by March 2018, the work of 130 km that covers the area between Ajmer and Bhilwara will be completed. The project is believed to get concluded by the end of third budget year i.e. March 2019.


Though electricity lines for the track has only been spread for the length of the 36 kms, the construction of the foundation has already been completed till Bhilwara. This 36 km long line has been drawn between Nasirabad and Jhadsvasa railway stations. Both passenger train and freight train will run on this track by a line of 25000 KW, which is estimated to help run the trains with the speed upto 130 km per hour.

For the purpose, railway will take power from Ajmer Discom. This power will come at 6 traction sub stations that are yet to be built at Nasirabad, Hamirgarh, Sarrei, Ghosunda, Mavli and Umra, the stations that come between the aforementioned major stations.

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