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Public Works Department yet to use waste plastic in road projects

Times of India Feb 13, 2017, 07:10 IST TNN

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JAIPUR: Public Works Department failed to comply with central government order where it made mandatory for road developers to use waste plastic along with bituminous mixes for road construction, starting with a stretch of 10 kms Rajasthan was asked to identify the stretch and submit action taken report to the ministry of roadways. However sources claim that PWD is yet to launch the process. "There has been done nothing on this front," said an official.

To assist state agencies, Centre even made the provision of rendering help from IITs and NIT's along with other government engineering colleges. This was to confirm the efficiency of the system before making it mandatory in the contracts.

Sources claim that though bituminous mixes with plastic waste is being used for the periodic renewal it yet to be incorporated in the construction of roads. Chief Secretary was also asked to monitor the work as feedback on the performance was to be used to for deriving final result.

"Urban local bodies, which are usually short of financial resources, can make money by selling the plastic waste generated by cities to road developers.They can signs memorandums of understanding with the road construction companies. But we failed to utilize this opportunity yet" added the official.

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