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Places to visit in Kota | Rajasthan Tourism

Kota is dotted with several temples, gardens, and ancient structures that remain crowded by tourists. Here are some major tourist attractions of Kota that you must visit.

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places to visit in Kota

Chambal Gardens, Kota

places to visit in Kota

Chattar Bilas Garden, Kota

places to visit in Kota

Brij Vilas Palace Museum, Kota

places to visit in Kota

City Palace, Kota

places to visit in Kota

Kishore Sagar Lake, Kota

Located on the banks of Chambal River, Kota is the third largest city in Rajasthan that is known for its architectural beauty reflected by various palaces, temples, museums, and gardens.

It’s not just an attractive place for sightseeing but also offers various artworks for those who wish to buy souvenirs from Rajasthan. You can buy a variety of jewelry, sarees, handicrafts, and most importantly the Kota stone.

Coming back to the sightseeing, the city is dotted with several temples, gardens, and ancient structures that remain crowded by tourists. Here are some major tourist attractions of Kota that you must visit:

Chambal Gardens

Located against the backdrop of the Chambal River, these lush green gardens are quite popular as picnic spots. Its natural beauty offers a quaint spot for those who seek some lone time in the lap of nature. There is also a pond at the center of the garden where you can spot gharials floating in the water. Besides, there is a suspension bridge that connects to various regions of the landscape.

Chattar Bilas Garden

This tourist attraction in Kota is an ideal spot for those who are seeking to take a break from the busy city life. It’s a serene spot amidst well-maintained gardens where you can gather knowledge about the history of the town.

There are several cenotaphs in the gardens that are dedicated to the members of the royal families and the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect their land. These cenotaphs are chronologically arranged and contain short descriptions so as to give the tourists an idea about the history of Kota.

Brij Vilas Palace Museum

It’s an ancient museum in Kota that reflects the cultural heritage of the city through the display of artifacts and other items that have been exhibited for public viewing. There are scientific and historical objects on display along with some items that were used by the royals.

A striking feature of the museum is the sculptured statue brought from Baroli. Besides, the interiors of the museum reflect the medieval style of architecture featuring wall paintings and other elements.

City Palace, Kota

City Palace of Kota is one of the most popular tourist attractions owing to the treasure of wealth held by the palace. It has got beautiful, well-trimmed gardens, marvelous architecture, and a museum that displays significant articles and artworks from the past.

The palace is adorned with wall paintings, frescos, mirrors on the ceiling, flower decorations, and mirror hangings. The museum holds a collection of weapons used in the medieval times alongside apparels, artifacts, and handicrafts from the bygone era.

Kishore Sagar Lake

This man-made lake was built in 1346 by the Prince of Bundi- Dher Deh. Since it’s a desert state, most of the lakes in Rajasthan are man-made and so is this one. Kishore Sagar Lake renders a breathtaking view of the Jagmandir Palace located in the middle of the lake.

This palace used to be a temple that was built in 1740 for the queen of Kota. Its architecture reflects a combination of Mughal and Hindu styles. It is built of red sandstone and the interiors are decorated with wall paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.  


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