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Bhilwara Railway Station to be adorned with Phad Paintings

After Jodhpur, Abu Road and Udaipur Railway Stations, it's time for Bhilwara Railway Station to get a traditional makeover with Rajasthani Paintings.

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Jodhpur Railway Station

Jodhpur Railway Station

Rajasthan is gradually getting a makeover with a traditional look on the walls at the stations. Reportedly, the Bhilwara Railway Station is getting a makeover with Phad paintings that depict the rural Rajasthani culture and the deities of the local places. This work is being done by renowned painters and sculptors. After this is completed, more similar work will be taken on for the Ajmer division.

Phad paintings are known to be an impeccable part of Rajasthani culture and heritage. The age-old art form is inseparable from the state and attracts various art lovers from across the world. Phad is a traditional painting style with the length of the paintings varying from 5 to 15 feet. These usually narrate the stories and incidents from Pabuji’s life, a local deity.

Painter Kalyan Joshi, who happens to be a native of Bhilwara is a part of this project. He is believed to have the art form in his blood as he belongs to a family that has been involved in this art form for generations. Joshi has already won many international awards and has displayed his work on several platforms.

As far as the painting project is concerned, the cities are getting different art forms for a makeover. On one hand, the Ajmer railway station walls are going to be decorated with Kishangarh style of paintings. On the other hand, Udaipur walls are getting Mewar’s Pichwai art form.


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