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Pankaj Sharma

A Jaipur-based IT Entrepreneur who’s fulfilling his social responsibility at a whole new level.

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 “I was sitting with my friends Saurabh Saxena and Akshay Pareek at our IIIM campus when I noticed that a small kid was scavenging for food near a small drainage outlet. The child was clearly malnourished and it disturbed us deeply how he had to search for food that would not really give him any nutrition. So, for the kid we bought some food from a nearby eatery and went on with our life, or so we thought. I completed my education and went on to establish an IT startup in October 2010, but that image of the little kid never really disappeared from my mind. So one fine day I met with my friends and did some research on the grave issues like lack of food and acute malnutrition among children in India. It turns out that around 19% of children under-5 years of age are suffering from the cases of malnutrition, which means around 30 million children of the nation do not even have sufficient supply of proper edibles, a basic necessity! It was then we decided to do what we can to solve the appalling problem. We started making group trips to unprivileged children on weekends and offer them food with high nutritional values. To give our efforts a proper schema, we gave it a name ‘Bhukh Mukt Bachpan’ in September 2015. After that we started collecting information on these children on Fridays so that we can make arrangements of our weekend trips. During our trips, we dedicate the first hour in generating awareness among the children and their parents about education and their rights. We tell them about the government schemes like RTE and mid-day meal programs. 

We also offer them our assistance in case they find it difficult to invoke their rights. With these trips we have managed to touch lives of around 6500 children in Jaipur, covering around 50 areas of the city. Our motto of fighting malnutrition among children is gaining pace with more and more volunteers joining our campaign. Every weekend we gather around the kids who are barely managing to fill up their belly, and make highly nutritional meals available to them. Now, as we are inching closer to our motive, that is to free childhood from the evils of malnutrition, we are making efforts to improve their whole lifestyle. As we are connecting to more and more kids, it’s becoming apparent how mere lake of proper platform is keeping our nation from realizing the most sought-after talents. Some of the kids I’ve met are pure genius, but the lack of, even, basic human necessities keep their skills and talents from flourishing. So in order for them to realize their potential, we are trying to organize a cultural event for them this year in December. With this we want to connect these kids to higher platforms where they can develop their skills and dash towards a healthy and fulfilling future.”

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