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Meet Pali's Tribal Women who Established a company worth Crores

A group of 4 women in the tribal areas of Pali came together and established a company worth crores. They started selling custard apples for a living which finally took the shape of pulp extraction plant.

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Tribal women of Pali

Meet these tribal women from Pali who established a company worth crores

Tribal women of Pali

Pulp Extraction Factory in Pali

Tribal women of Pali

Women Working at the Pulp extraction Plant in Pali

Establishing a business was once a task meant for only those who had financial resources and investors. However, over the past few years, the trend of startups has changed the norms of the business world. Now you just need to pitch a unique idea to make money and these tribal women of Pali have proved the same with their hard work.

These four women from Pali never went to school but today they are operating a company worth crores. The idea behind the company was conceived when these women used to survive by cutting wood in the forests. They noticed that the Sitaphal (Custard Apples) grown in the trees fell down on the road but they were not put to any use. That’s when they started to sell those fruits by the side of the road to earn a living.

Gradually with the help of an NGO volunteer Ganpat Lal, these women- Jeeja Bai, Saanji Bai, Hansa Bai, and Babli formed a Self Help Group named Ghoomar. Then instead of selling the fruits, they started the business by extracting pulp from the fruits and supplying it to companies involved in making ice creams and fruits creams.

The work of pulp extraction that started at one place has now expanded to 8 centres in the district that has provided employment to thousands of women in the rural areas.

The NGO Volunteer Ganpat Lal carried out a necessary training program whereby the women were trained to work at the plant. The plant is well kept in terms of hygiene and women working here have to cover themselves with masks and gloves so as to prevent any kind of harmful bacteria from entering the plant.

These women extract the pulp which is transported to some major companies manufacturing ice creams. It’s also used for making fruit creams and custards for occasions like parties and weddings. The company now enjoys a turnover of Crores and it has made the women financially independent and confident.

In the first year of the operations, the company had a turnover worth INR 18 Lakhs and now presently, it earns crores of rupees. These tribal women don’t hold a professional degree but their hard work and determination have definitely made them stand at par with other entrepreneurs. They have set a great example for the youth who wish to step into the world of startups.


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