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Online consulting to the rescue of doda post addicts

Despite the government banning doda post in Rajasthan there is no decline in the number of doda post addicts.

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Jaisalmer: Dr Dilip Karan Singh Rathore is an American resident. His parents live in Jalore and he did his MBBS from Jodhpur. The doctor will come to Rajasthan every three months and will organize a camp for doda post addicts.

Godawan Sanrakshan Sansthan, an NGO, with the help of Dr Rathore in the last three months has helped 102 addicts. The doctor, through Skype and video calling is prescribing medicines and counselling and inspiring addicts and they are slowly quitting the habit.The NGO secretary Malsingh Jamada said there is a large number of people who consume doda post in western Rajasthan. The government has banned it but the addicts are in need for treatment. Although the government had organised de-addiction camps but addicts have not benefitted due to lack of follow-up camps. The NGO then contacted a doctor in America who treats and counsels addicts thrice a week.

Jamada said he contacted Dr Dilip Karan Rathore of Jalore who is in America and he is helping addicts. Dr Rathore through video calling and Skype interacts with addicts and prescribes medicines. Till now 203 addicts have taken treatment, of which 102 have totally quit the habit.

He said addicts are happy as they do not have much money to afford treatment. Sattar, an addict said he had joined the government camp to quit the habit but he could not benefit. Now, he is happy that he can avail better treatment.

Dr Rathore said he is psychiatrist in America and when he came to know about the condition of addicts he thought of helping them. During his visit to India he met Jamada. On every Friday, Saturday and Sunday he provides online consultation and has been successful in helping 102 addicts to quit doda post.

Source: Times News Network

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