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Bullet Baba Temple - A Temple where a Bike Worshipped

There is a place called Chitola in Pali District of Rajasthan where a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet and its dead owner are worshipped as any other god.

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Shrine of Om Banna aka Bullet Baba

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Royal Enfield, the Bullet which is Worshipped

bullet baba temple pali rajasthan

Bullet Baba Temple

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The Tree Bullet Baba Temple

Owning a Royal Enfield is a dream for every motorcycle enthusiast. The sound of its running engine is the best thing about the bike. Although, a bike lover keeps his bike with the uttermost care, but worshipping a bike?

Legends say that on 2nd December 1988, Om Singh Rathore alias Om Banna was riding his bike back home to Chotila when his bike skidded and got struck to a tree causing his on spot death. During investigation, police recovered the dead body and took the bike to a nearby police station. However, the next day, the motorcycle was found on the exact spot of the accident. Many attempts were made over the next few days to keep the bike from moving, the fuel tank was emptied, it was locked and chained, but all these fatigue efforts could not stop the motorcycle to reach the site of accident.

When local villagers got to know about the miraculous incident, they believed that there is a divine power behind it and hence, they build a shrine on the accident site to worship the Royal Enfield and its dead owner. The tree is also the part of the shrine now. The spot is now known as Bullet Baba Temple.

This temple even has a full time priest taking care of it since last 2 decades. The Bullet, Om Banna and the Tree are worshipped like any other god with the offerings of garlands, bangles, threads, scarves etc. Few people offer small bottles of alcohol as well.

 Locals believe that praying to Om Banna ensures the safe journey ahead and those who fail to do so will be on a dangerous journey.


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