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Now, govt scheme to the rescue of camels in desert area

Times of India Mar 28, 2017, 10:07 IST Vimal Bhatia

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JAISALMER: Declining numbers of camels is a matter of grave concern. Sudheer Kumar Sharma, Barmer district collector has started a scheme to save around 43,000 camels in the district. Under the camel development scheme, awareness camps are being organised at different places and villagers are being informed about the benefits of rearing camels and about the government schemes and benefits.

At Dandali village, a camp was organised and around 250 camels were tagged and associated with governemt schemes. Sharma said that in order to stop the declining number of camels and to encourage animal husbandry, Barmer district administration and animal husbandry department has started an initiative in which awareness camp is organised and cattle owners are told about the benefits provided by the government to them. They are then registered under camel development scheme.

There is a provision of financial assistance of Rs 10,000 in three phases when a female camel (cow) delivers. The camels that come to the awareness camps are provided complete medical facilities. On Saturday at Dandali gram panchayat headquarters, an awareness camp for cattle owners was organised.

Sharma said that in Barmer cattle owners often move with their cattle, especially the Devasi community, for 3-4 days and sometimes for 15-30 days where they go to nearby villages. Many times they are unable to get information about government schemes and since they are busy earning their livelihood, the cattle do not reach the concerned veterinary hospitals on time.

Looking to these situations, an action plan was made in which it was decided that by organising a camp at Dandali panchayat headquarters, cattle owners will be informed about the government schemes and camels will be given medical facilities.

According to Sharma cattle owners will be informed about the facilities and efforts will be made to extend benefits to them under camel development scheme at the Tilwara fair. The scheme is called Bhamashah Pashu Bima Yojana.

Animal husbandry department joint director Dr Narayan Singh Solanki said, "Till now 440 camels have been registered under camel development scheme. Under this scheme, a camel has to be registered with the nearest veterinary hospital and the owner has to give his bank details. Financial assistance will encourage farmers to take care of calves and this will also help in curbing the trend of selling camels at a young age.

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