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Famed Ghat ki Guni Area to become a Night Tourism Spot

Vidyadhar Park near the famed tunnel of Ghat ki Guni tunnel is revamped to be made suitable for night tourism.

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Jaipur:  Tourists from around the world will have more in their bucket list when they come to Jaipur this tourism season.

In its endeavor to boost night tourism in the city the Tourism Department has revamped the Vidyadhar Park of the city with the facilities and attractions suitable for night tourism. Similar preparations are also being made at the other places in the vicinity including the famed Ghat ki Guni tunnel and Sisodiya Garden that will illuminate in the dark of the night, attracting tourists like a beacon.

Similar attempts were made by the archaeological department in the past when cultural shows were regularly organized at the locations like Hawa Mahal and Amer Fort. Still a light and sound show is being conducted at the Amer fort, but apart from that, there is not many options for the tourists who wish to explore this pink city in the calm and cool environment of night.

Now opening of the Ghat ki Guni tunnel and Vidyadhar Park at night will allow tourists to have a place to roam in the night. The nighttime tourism effects in the park will become visible after 7 pm in the evening and will last till 9:30 pm. The entry fee in the park is also doubled from that of daytime, which means where visitors have to pay ₹ 50 to visit the park during daylight, they’ll be required to pay ₹ 100 to enjoy the park’s amenities in night.

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