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Night Forts of Rajasthan

3 Forts in Rajasthan for Splendid Night View

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Light and Sound Show Amer Fort

Light and Sound Show Amer Fort

Kumbalgarh fort night

Kumbalgarh fort night

Mehrangarh fort night

Mehrangarh fort night

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” This famous quotation by Francis Bacon applies to the heritage of Rajasthan on the nose.

Being the land of Kings, there is no dearth of heritage sites in Rajasthan. The grandeur of its forts, fortresses, and palaces has always awed patrons of architecture. However, to consider that the grandeur is the last thing to appreciate about the Rajasthan’s historical sites, would be quite inappropriate. Their exquisiteness surpasses sheer grandeur and enters into the zone of a glory that belongs only to them. This glorification can be easily witnessed in the nighttime.

Past sunset, the glory of their history, mixed with some efforts from government, illuminates them, transforming them into a shining beacon of a place. Let’s know about the three prime forts of Rajasthan that are known for creating spectacular views in the dark of night.

Amer Fort, Jaipur

Amer is an old city that now is considered a part of the state capital Jaipur. There are many historical sites in Amer, the preeminent among them being the Amer fort. Amer fort has always been a major tourist attraction in Jaipur, with expected rise coming in the year 2009 when the government started the light and sound show in it. Post sunset, the fort gets partially illuminated and a poetical narration of the place’s history is played. In the end, the whole of the fort is illuminated with colorful lights giving it a magical ambiance that further gets more strength when the music starts giving a final stroke to your magical night at Amer fort.

Kumbalgarh Fort, Rajsamand

Famously known as the great wall of India, Kumbalgarh is the epitome of the grand architectural style of the bygone era. It is the live testimony of the skills of the builders during the 15th century, who have created this majestic construction that ranges to 38 kilometers without any technological assistance. It is always a magnificent sight to behold when you look at the mind-blowing length of the fort in the daytime, but the same sight becomes magical when viewed in the nighttime. Just alike Amer, at Kumbalgarh, too, a light and sound show is organized every evening, post-dusk. An audio theater is played which keeps getting magical with the heightening effects produced by light. By the end, you will be entirely enraptured by the magnitude of the fort and its history, which will all leave an indelible impression on your mind.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

The magnificent fort of Mehrangarh is definitely one of a kind. From distance its sheer high walls make it appear more of a gigantic protector rock of Jodhpur than an archetypal fort. View from Mehrangarh fort is always impressive, considering the blue houses that surround it. However, to view this fort from any of these blue houses presents an entirely new level of sight. Especially in the night, when the whole fort is illuminated with bright golden lights, the view is simply spectacular. To see the night-Mehrangarh-view at its best, choose the new-moon night when the only bright thing over the horizon will be this architectural masterpiece of Jodhpur.


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