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Ranked as Worlds’ No.1 Jaipur Int’l Airport on the road of Development

Jaipur International Airport is witnessing numerous development projects these days.

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It appears like 2017 is a great year for Jaipur International Airport. First, it was declared as best airport in the world in the category of 2 to 5 million passengers per annum, and now a series of development projects are being launched to brighten up its already well-established status.

The development series of the airport had begun with the setting up of two new gates at the second floor in order to manage traffic in more efficient way, and then began the work of establishing an 1800 Kilowatt plant in the premises of the airport that will help reduce the electricity consumption of the same.

Earlier this year, Airport authorities have also developed a rain-water harvesting plant to collect rain water to be used for the purpose of irrigating the surrounding area of the building, to turn it green and pleasing during the hot summers of the state. Riding on the same sail, authorities are now preparing to set-up a solar plant in the airport.

G. S. Balhara, director of the airport, says that in order to make the airport more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, preparations have already been done to establish the solar plant. Apart from that, policies have also been made to make use of dried leaves and twigs of the surrounding trees by recycling them into compost that will be used for fertilizing both the indoor and outdoor greenery of the airport.

With all these persistent steps, airport administration is all set on reducing its carbon footprint. But to think that all the recent development projects undertaken by the authority are only in that direction would be entirely wrong.  To bring improvements in the airport on the technical grounds, a new CAT IIIB landing system too has been installed to facilitate landing under the 50 meter visibility conditions.

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