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Naya Sawera NGO

Founder - Akhilesh Maheshwari

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It’s been 8 years now since we started Naya Sawera. It all began in my college times when we and few of my friends, which also include my now wife, decided to create awareness among the youth regarding the ill treatment of special kids. I pursued B.Sc in IT from Sikkim Manipal University and BA from Rajasthan but, the urge to help the kids never went away. I further pursued Masters in Social Work from Bikaner University. 

Naya Sawera is youth based NGO where in we work to help special kids, talented but deprived kids, empower women and create awareness among the people living in slums, providing them or helping them in getting the basic amenities. What makes Naya Sawera unique from other NGOs is that it is completely funded and supported by individuals with a big heart. We have over 500 registered volunteers with paid membership. 

We are in the process of planning a hostel for the children, who are either unable to afford education or they have no one else to provide for them. We will provide such kids the basic education upto 5th standard in a safe and healthy environment. We also work towards women empowerment, wherein we got to slums, make the women aware about the sanitary issues. 

We also have India's first Sanitary Pad Bank to provide free sanitary pads to the slum women. People from Jaipur and other states in India, as well as from other countries like France, United States and Italy comes to us and join us for Summer Internship programs. Recently, we organised a Eye and Dental Checkup on International Yoga Day, where we helped identify the women and kids with issues, and we will be sponsoring their treatment, whether its operation, spectacles or anything else. 

We strongly believe that identifying the concerns is not the only job of a NGO, what is more important is the follow-up and aftercare.

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