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Udaipur is gearing up to Captivate Tourists this Summer

A number of development projects are being run in the lake city to attract tourists this summer vacation.

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Udaipur: First the anti-pollution project for the lakes of the city and now revamping of the public parks, Udaipur is gearing up at full speed to captivate tourists this summer, with all its charm.

The lake city of Rajasthan has always been a major tourist destination with all its charming lakes and palaces. And now the administration is using these same assets to increase the appeal of the place by running them through a bunch of development projects.

Already policies were developed to make the lakes of the city pollution-free and in case Udaisagar lake, even the surrounding region has been declared ‘protected’, and now renovation of the beautiful parks in the city is becoming the second chapter in this series of development.

The maintenance tender for Deendayal Upadhyay park situated near Dudh Talai has recently being given to a private contractor, and the company in return has already started the musical fountain in it. It is noteworthy that the fountain was shut down three years ago out of the lack of maintenance. And now after the gap of three years the contractor has revamped the fountain with new equipments increasing the charm of the park that also boasts of a beautiful sunset point.

The contractor has taken charge of the park for five years and will provide payment of ₹ 79000 to the Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Udaipur. In lieu for the same, visitors will be charged ₹ 5 per person as the entry fee. In the duration of the five-years contract, many other development projects are expected to be carried out including the launch of a canteen within the premises of the park.

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