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Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect blend of nature, wildlife and hill station.

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Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

Leopard in Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

Grey jungle fowl

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Safari

Nakki Lake

If you ever dreamt of visiting a hill situated within the long stretched desert land or if you ever want to treat your eyes with nature’s wonderful creation in their natural habitat along with the view of serene mountain range, then Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit destination for you.

Officially declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1980, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary provides a splendid view to the eyes of the tourists. The sanctuary is standing in the park with the backdrop of Aravalli hills at the foothills of the height peak of the Aravalli ranges, Guru Shikhar, which is 1722 meters high. The place is scattered into a plateau with the length of 19 km and breadth of 6 km. The sanctuary covers the mountain with the area of around 290 square kilometers. The place is an excellent sightseeing, and one can enjoy the picturesque view of the mountain and the serene nature at the same time.

The history of Mount Abu shows the presence of lion till 1872 and that of tiger till 1971. However, the present life in the sanctuary is spectacular in its own way. The sanctuary is a safe house for many rare, endangered and threatened species. The leopard is the top predator of the jungle. The wolf family finds this place quite comfortable. The proud inhabitants of this sanctuary are jungle cat, Indian civet, Indian hare, common langur, and sambhar. The sloth bear finds a secured habitat here. Other members of this sanctuary include Indian fox, jackals, Hyena and so on. Hedgehog, porcupine, pangolin, wild boar, bear, and common mongoose can also be found here.

The sanctuary also houses around 250 species of birds, the most special of which is the grey jungle fowl. The diversity among the flora and fauna species in the sanctuary is simply awestruck. Both the common and rare breeds of flora can be seen in the sanctuary.

As the sanctuary is located at the foothills of the mountain, it is an ideal place for the xenomorphic sub-tropical thorn forests. Subtropical evergreen forests are also present here. The place is rich in algae and bryophytes. The south-west part of the sanctuary is occupied with the bamboo forests. The rare species of wild roses and ferns  have also been reported from here. The flora family of the sanctuary is comprised of around 112 plants including 449 general and 820 rare species.

The uniqueness of the sanctuary can be defined by the wide variety of orchids, which can only be seen in this place in the whole of Rajasthan. The gorgeously beautiful orchids are surely a treat for the eyes.
The place is famous for its spectacular views of nature which leaves the visitor spellbound. The diverseness of both the flora and fauna species make this place a must-see option for the travelers. The best time to visit this amazing beauty of nature is from October to March as the summers are too hot and winters are quite chilly in this region.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Timings : 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary Jeep Safari: Starting From Rs 300
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