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Mission Pink Belt launched in Rajasthan for Women Safety

Mission Pink Belt by Rajasthan State Commission for Women aims at training the women to be mentally and physically strong along with having a sound knowledge of the law.

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Women Empowerment Workshop in Rajasthan

In the wake of increasing number of crimes against women and children in Rajasthan, the state’s women’s commission has launched Mission Pink Belt. Under this, the women will be given the training to be mentally and physically strong and it will be ensured that they have sound knowledge of the law.

The objective will be to get the girls from colleges and schools to join the “Pink Belt” clubs where they will be informed about legal rights, self-defense techniques, and mental toughness. The information was revealed by Chairperson of the state women commission Suman Sharma.

Launched in Jaipur, the mission will be gradually taken to 6 divisional headquarters. The mission will focus on strengthening the women physically, mentally, as well as legally so that they are able to fight their own battles and face their challenges.

Under the mission, five girls from every college will be trained by a motivational speaker named Aparna Rajawat. These 5 girls will further train others in the college. Gradually, the program will cover the entire state. Besides, the department is also imparting self-defense training to the girls from schools and colleges.

Talking to the media, Chairperson Suman Sharma said that it’s high time that we shift the focus on teaching boys how to behave. Rather than the slogan of educating and saving girls, we need to educate boys how to behave.

The cases of rape, harassment, and molestation of girls have been on the rise in India lately and in such a scenario, strengthening them physically and mentally has become the need of the hour. Although as a society we need to change our mindset and keep a check on males and their behavior, girls don’t have any choice but to prepare themselves for such situations. Hopefully, Mission Pink Belt will go a long way in guarding the girls against such atrocities.


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