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Mahamandir Temple, Jodhpur - Hindu Pilgrimage in Rajasthan

One of the most beautiful shrines in Jodhpur is Mahamandir Temple; an architectural marvel of the Blue City built in 1812.

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Mahamandir Temple

Mahamandir Temple

Mahamandir Temple

Mahamandir Temple

Constructed in 1812, Mahamandir Temple is supported by 84 pillars which are adorned with intricate stone carvings exhibiting yogic postures, frescoes and other artwork within its premises. The main deity inside the temple is of Lord Shiva. 

Located around 2 km away from Jodhpur on the road to Mandore, Mahamandir boasts of various pre-historic shrines and houses adorned with brilliant stone works. The walls of the temple are studded with ancient motifs which enhance the beauty of the huge temple. The architectural sculptures of the temple are quite incomparable. It depicts the skilled craftsmanship of the people of Rajasthan.

The temple boasts a beautifully designed hall that is used for Yoga classes. The best part of this temple is its royal architecture which attracts tourist in large numbers.

The shrine is frequently visited by Shiva devotees and photo fanatics. The magical ambiance of the temple will rejuvenate you as a whole and rebuild your faith in the almighty.



Mandore Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan-342001, India

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