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Pratapgarh Central Jail Inmates to Experience Literacy Empowerment under a Special Drive

The illiterate prisoners of Pratapgarh Centrail Jail are going to be benefitted by a literacy empowerment drive initiated by the prison authorities.

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The prisoners of Pratapgarh Central Jail in Udaipur are going to be gifted with literacy empowerment, all thanks to a special drive initiated by the prison authorities. Commencing from the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, 78 illiterate inmates will be able to avail the program.

The district literacy department has approved the project and is going to provide the study material so as to enable teaching and learning inside the prison. Under the program, the officials including the jailer, guards, as well as other literate prisoners will serve as teachers to the illiterate inmates.

Although the number of uneducated prisoners is high, the authorities have chosen only those who are less likely to be released or granted bail in the next three to six months. This would ensure effective teaching and continual learning for an appropriate time period.

To begin with, a 1-hour class will be arranged in the barrack, where prisoners will be taught basic Hindi varnmala and English alphabets; later counting and basic Mathematics lessons will also take place. When the scheduled classes will be completed, an examination will be conducted to award a literacy certificate to those who clear the tests.

Literacy is the best gift that one can receive as it opens doors to progress, development, and helps in building an informed society. This literacy drive in Pratapgarh Central Jail is a unique initiative that would change the lives of prisoners in various ways. Educating prisoners is a great way to create an impact on their lives.


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