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Good News for Wildlife Lovers: Asiatic Lioness Gave Birth to Five Cubs

News was spread that after three decades, Asiatic lioness had given birth to three cubs, a verified report stated that not 3 but 5 were born to Tejika.

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Jaipur: Tejika, the lioness brought from Junagadh in Gujarat to the Nahargarh Biological Park of Jaipur brought a fresh wave of hope in the city that last witnessed birth of lion so many lion cubs 30 years ago.

On Sunday, news was released that Tejika, an Asiatic lioness had given birth to three cubs in Jaipur’s Nahargarh Biological Park. However, proper announcement was made by Forest Department officials on Tuesday confirmed that Tejika has given birth to not three but five cubs.

According to official sources, the lioness gave birth to her first cub at 6:51 in the evening on May 20, second was born the same night at 9:26 pm, and the third was born at 12:04 am. The two more cubs were queened on May 22 at 3:10 am.

It is reported that the one of the cubs was stillborn while the other was in critical condition. The other cub had still not started drinking mother's milk even after 16 hours. It was then the cub was transferred to the Natal Care Unit, where it is receiving better treatment.

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