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Let's play eco-friendly Holi with Herbal Colours

For the past few years, chemical-free colours known as organic or herbal gulaal have been a great relief for the people with sensitive skin. Everybody now enjoys this festival with herbal gulaal.

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Let's play eco-friendly Holi with Herbal Colours

Let's play eco-friendly Holi with Herbal Colours

Holi is a festival of colours. But the colours used for the application have had many side effects on people. People have experienced rashes, itching and a number of other skin allergies with the chemical colours that are available in market.

Forest department has once again begun their activity of creating herbal colours for this festival. The main advantage apart from being friendly is that the production of herbal gulaal is the source of income for tribal people. Tribal women who are a part of the forest department have started making herbal gulaal for this season. Until now 4 quintal of herbal colour is ready and the department is also receiving orders for the products from other states as well.

Red, yellow, green, purple, pink and saffron coloured gulaal has been prepared. These tribal women make these herbal colours and also pack them before delivering them to the market. Women from Kotda forest committee collect all the necessary things from forests. After drying up the flowers, they make herbal gulaal out of it and then create packets to be delivered in markets. They have received orders from other states well in advance.

As per the forest committees, earlier orders for herbal gulaal were received from Delhi and Ahmedabad. But now with people getting aware of the side effects of chemical colours, orders are being received from Udaipur district as well. Herbal gulaal does not have any side effect and it is much smoother than any chemical product.

source: udaipurtimes


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