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India’s Largest Solar Park in Rajasthan

Solar Park in Bhadla village of Rajasthan will soon be able to generate state’s total power consumption requirement.

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Bhadla: Bhadla village in Rajasthan, counted among the hottest places in India, is continually turning the blight of merciless sun into a boon.

The solar park in Bhadla village is spread across the area of 10,000 acres, becoming the largest solar park in the nation. At present only two phases in the park is operational, generating 480 Megawatts of power but once the whole unit becomes operational it will start producing 2,255 megawatts of power, which incidentally is equivalent to the total power requirement in Rajasthan at present.

What more? As per the recent trends, the power generated by the solar park will be amongst the cheapest. This conclusion is deducted from a recent auction of solar power that is auctioned to generate 250 MW of power at the rates of ₹ 2.62 per unit.

The park, apart from answering to the power demand, will also be solving the problem of unemployment in the region, to a great extent. Lack of other resources has always kept the region in backward economy. But now because of the solar park, employment is being generated at a great pace. Already, a staff of over a thousand technicians, engineers, and other executives is working here. In this regars, Praveen Rathore, manager in Vikram Solar, has said “There was nothing here except animal husbandry. Now, whether it is jobs of security guards, labour or site supervisors, the job opportunities are many.”

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