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The Picturesque Kuchaman Fort

Built in the 9th century by the Rathore ruler, Thakur Zalim Singh, Kuchaman City is situated in the north east part of Rajasthan in Nagaur district. The city is surrounded by 1100 years old fort, Kuchaman Fort and contains many historical relics including a few Shekhawati Havelis.

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kuchaman fort photos

The most beautiful thing about Kuchaman city is its Kuchaman Fort.

kuchaman fort photos

The city is surrounded by 1100 years old fort, Kuchaman Fort.

kuchaman fort photos

The fort also got a glass palace, called Sheesh Mahal

kuchaman fort photos

The fort has now been transformed into a luxury heritage hotel

The Kuchaman Fort is perched atop a 300 m high cliff. This fort occupies a wide area which could be entered via 10 glorious gates from different sides. There were 32 bastions surrounding the entire fortification. The city at that time was inside the fort compound wall and people were residing with the compound. This fort shows the historical significance of the Rathore rule in Rajasthan.

There are carvings of miniature paintings and murals on the outer walls of the fort. All the 10 entrance gates were covered with the carvings of two bastions on each side. During the earlier days, the fort housed the entire Kuchaman city and the outer area was the deserted. However, at present, the city has spread beyond the fort walls, and has been modernized with the major services like proper city planning, schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, good sanitation system, well maintained roads and other amenities. The city is quite populated now and is considered to be one of the major tourism locations of Rajasthan.

The interior walls of the fort are carved with the original inlay works of glass, semi precious stones and gold. The colors made from natural dried flowers were used to do these decorations which enhanced the beauty of the place. The ceiling of the main hall of the fort, also known as Darbar-e-Khas is painted with the portraits of all the Rathore rulers. Also, beautiful carvings are done on the ceilings of each room.

The walls and pillars are painted with gold artwork of motifs and flowers and also with wonderful frescos. It is an awe-inspiring view to see the ancient Hindu mythological stories drawn beautifully at different regions in the fort. The main art form of the Rathore clan was miniature paintings, which can also be seen at various places. Hanging terraces and long balconies feature the architectural brilliance of that era. The fort also got a glass palace, called Sheesh Mahal which is entirely covered with the glass of various size, shape, design and length.

The fort has now been transformed into a luxury heritage hotel and none of the ancient architectures were touched. The hotel authorities took utmost care that the tourists enjoy the royal luxury of the ancient times.

The hotel is equipped with 11 single deluxe and 36 double deluxe rooms along with 47 luxury suites. The hotel also provides the facility of Bird Watching, Horse Safari and Camel Safari. The immortal history and alluring royal ambiance of the golden era of Kuchaman can be re-lived by the tourists by staying at the heritage hotel.


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