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Kota Stone

A stone that is both durable and pleasant looking

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Kota Stone Flooring

Kota Stone Flooring

Rough texture of Kota stone

Rough texture of Kota stone

The Kota Stone is an indigenous variety of limestone that is quarried in the Kota district of Hadoti region.

 The fine-grained limestone is often preferred for the exteriors of the buildings because of its strength and longevity. The variety of colors in which the stone is made available is yet another factor that adds to the list of its chosen qualities.

The rich greenish-blue and brown colors of the stone, once polished, go really well with the corridors, driveways, and balconies giving them an elegant appeal, whereas other colors like black, grey, and beige, and pink make them suitable for the purposes of flooring and wall fixing.

Another quality of the Kota Stone that makes it so popular is that it is non-porous like granite yet much cheaper. Furthermore, the grainy quality of the stone makes it non-slippery, making this affordable flooring stone ideal for commercial spaces.


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