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Kota Doriya

An ethereal textile work that uses organic materials to create a regal artifact

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Kota Doriya is an exquisite textile work that uses yarns of cotton and silk to produce an imperial looking craft. The strength of cotton and the lustrous look of silk offers this textile a unique charm. Furthermore, the exclusive chequered patterns of Kota Doriya, locally known as Khats, also adds to the individuality of the work.

Another interesting feature of the textile is its fine weave that gives it its elegant texture while keeping the whole thing quite light-weighing. Both the qualities of the fabric have kept it among the favorite saree textiles, but now its increasing appeal has made it preferred material for the manufacturing of other apparels and products like lamp shades, curtains, etc.

Though the craft has now become indigenous to Kota district of Rajasthan, it was earlier fabricated in Mysore and, thence, was called Masuriya. It was in late 17th century, when Rao Kishore Singh of Kota brought the art in the state where it flourished to its present height.

The imperial quality attached to the fabric comes from its fine texture, but the same quality also makes it fragile. In order to give the yarn the required amount of strength so that it can be used for the manufacturing of durable apparels, it is smeared with a special paste of onion juice and rice. The premiering by the paste does not only make the fabric string but also gives it a shiny lusture.


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