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Kiki Challenge: Jaipur Police uses dark humour to warn people

The Jaipur Police has come up with a witty way to warn people against Kiki challenge through dark humor. It’s a weird social media trend in which people step out from a moving car and dance along.

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Jaipur Police Warns Against Kiki Challenge

The Kiki Challenge has gone viral in many countries including India and the youngsters are getting obsessed with the trend. The challenge involves getting out of a moving car and performing a dance on Drake’s hit song “In My Feeling” along with the car. It has gone viral on social media with hashtags like #kikichallenge and #InMyFeelingsChallenge.

However, many youngsters are getting injured while doing this stunt-cum-dance on the busy roads. As a result, the law enforcement agencies have taken the issue very seriously and have started warning people against the trend that can get them hurt on the road.

After the Mumbai Police and UP Police posted videos of people tripping on the road while performing the kiki challenge, Jaipur Police has also posted a warning but with a hint of dark humour. The Jaipur Police used a photo with a garland around it depicting that the #kikichallenge can also kill you on the road.

The model whose photo has been used by the police has been constantly getting calls from his family and friends who are wondering if he actually died while performing the dance on the road. Although he is having a tough time explaining to everyone that he never attempted such a challenge, he is happy that his photo is being used to send out a message in the favor of the public.

Meanwhile, Netizens are loving the message posted by Jaipur Police and people are appreciating the creativity. It’s quite an interesting take on all the silly practices that people are carrying out because of the social media influence.

There have been many nonsensical trends in the past and this is nothing new but they must understand what they are putting at risk. Well, the authorities don’t care how stupid people look “doing the shiggy” but they certainly want to ensure their safety.


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