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Kalki Temple

The only temple in India dedicated to the incarnation of God not yet born.

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 Idol of Lord Kalki

Idol of Lord Kalki

kalki temple jaipur, rajasthan

kalki temple jaipur, rajasthan

ride of lord kalki kalki temple jaipur

ride of lord kalki

According to Hindu mythology, Kalki is the tenth and the last incarnation of the Lord Vishnu who is yet to born. It is foretold that Kalki will appear at the end of Kali Yuga, the current era, to restore the balance of the nature and to usher us all into a new era.

Since the incarnation has not yet been born, it was natural to not have any temple dedicated to Kalki. However, there is one of its kind temple of Kalki in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

This temple of Kalki was built around 1727 AD by Raja Sawai Jai Singh at the time he was building the city of Jaipur. So the temple is as old as Jaipur itself.

The temple is situated at a prime location just ahead of the famous Hawa Mahal, on the other side of the road.

Construction of this temple was pretty much done on the same typical style as most of the North Indian temples. However, what makes the temple unique in architecture is the presence of two shikhars or temple tops rather than the usual one.

In the interior, the temple houses a fine white marble statue of a horse, symbolizing the believed description of Kalki, riding a white horse with a drawn shining sword. It is being claimed that one of the hooves of the horse is damaged. Upon self healing of the damage, Lord Kalki will appear on the earth to fight the evil and that time his horse will be ready for him.

The 290 year old temple has been declared as a protected monument by archaeology department. The temple doesn't have any devotees and no prayers are offered in this temple. Hence, it is pretty much deserted since the day it was built. However, a caretaker priest has been appointed by the state government to keep this ancient temple clean and tidy.

Although Kalki's time yet to come, it may not be far away seeing the current environment.


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