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Have you ever tasted the sweet taste of Jodhpur's 'Ras Madhuri'?

The milk made sweet is in huge demand during festivals and wedding season.

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Ras Madhuri

Ras Madhuri

Mohanji Mithaiwala Jodhpur

Mohanji Mithaiwala Jodhpur

Ras Madhuri is not the name of the actress of any Bollywood or South India, but it is Jodhpur's famous milk dessert which is sold in huge quantity during festivals and other auspicious works.

It is milk made from sweet milk but it is not that sweet, because of which people like it. Anyone can eat it even after having a full diet meal. The delicacy holds special demand during wedding season.

It takes your day's duty hours to prepare

The whole process of making this dessert takes approx eight hours. It gets spoiled in 4 hours without refrigeration. The reason is that it is a made of milk, which is why it quickly becomes sour. It is made almost as the same process as that of 'Ras Malai'. After that, it is put in shape and kept for being cold. On the other hand, sweet rabri is made by rubbing milk, which is poured on it. Later, it is decorated with nuts and saffron.

It has been 8 years since sweet was introduced. This sweet was brought to market by 'Mohanji", an old dessert store located in Aada Market of Jodhpur in 2010 after the hard work of 10 days. This is to thank all the foodies and sweet lovers that this dessert is liked by all. In the meanwhile, the taste of Ras Madhuri never diminished. Today, this sweet dish is the first choice for every dessert store and amusement in the wedding. It will not be wrong to say that just a look at this sweet is mouth-watering.


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