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The mammoth, imposing fortress of Mehrangarh that tower this magnificent city of Jodhpur sum up to a spectacle you would not want to miss.

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Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada

Khejarla Fort

Khejarla Fort

Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort

Jodhpur, the second largest city in Rajasthan is popularly known as the Blue City as most of the architecture are built in vivid shades of blue. Let's explore the wondrous sites that Jodhpur has to offer.

Umaid Bhawan Palace - Built with sandstone and marble in the 20th century, the architecture of Umaid Bhawan Palace is described as a blend of lndo-Saracenic, Classical Revival and Western Art Deco styles. It is recognised as one of the largest private homes in the world and also one of the more spectacular buildings.

Mehrangarh Fort - Rising perpendicular and impregnable from a hill which is 125 metres above Jodhpur’s skyline is the Mehrangarh Fort. This historic fort is one of the most famous in India and is packed with history and legends. Chiselled and sturdy, the fort is known for its exquisite latticed windows and carved panels.

Moti Mahal - Moti Mahal, as the name suggests, is the Pearl Hall where the royal families held their audience. The hall is known to have glass windows and five nooks that enabled the queens to listen to the proceedings taking place in the Sringar Chowki, The Royal Throne of Jodhpur.

Jodhpur Government Museum - The government museum, located in Umaid Garden, houses a rich collection of relics including armoury, textiles, local art and crafts, miniature paintings, portraits of rulers, manuscripts and images of the Jain Tirthankaras.

Khejarla Fort - Located 85 kilometres from the main city, the 400-year old Khejarla Fort is situated in a rural setting. The stunning red sandstone monument, now a hotel, is an example of Rajput architecture. Visitors will be mesmerised by the fort's picturesque settings, latticework friezes and intricate Jharokas.

Ghanta Ghar - Ghanta Ghar, also known as the clock tower of Rajasthan, is situated in one of the busiest areas of Jodhpur, the Sadar Bazaar. The Sadar Market is quite popular among tourists, who throng the streets to purchase Rajasthani textiles, clay figurines, miniature camels and elephants, marble inlay work and classic silver jewellery.

Jaswant Thada - This milky white memorial built towards the end of the 19th century as a tribute to the leader Jaswant Singh is a huge tourist attraction. Jaswant Singh, who ruled Jodhpur, made attempts to bring down the level of crime, subdue dacoits, built railways and broadly worked on raising the economy of Marwar.

Mandore - Towards the north of Jodhpur is the ancient capital of Marwar, Mandore. This area is of major historical importance as you will find the dewals or cenotaphs of Jodhpur’s former rulers. Unlike the original chhatri-shaped cenotaphs that are typical patterns of Rajasthan architecture, these are built along the lines of Hindu temples.

Bishnoi Village - Bishnoi village is the perfect place to experience the traditions and customs of tribal life and to get a glimpse into the rich cultural life of the state of Marwar. It is a place caught in a delightful time warp, where life still goes on the way it did in the days of yore. One can also spot numerous migratory birds around Guda Bishnoi Lake.

Other top sights in Jodhpur:

  • Sheesh Mahal
  • Phool Mahal
  • Chamunda Mataji Temple
  • Ranisar Padamsar
  • Mahamandir Temple 
  • Mandaleshwar Mahadev Temple (Mandalnath)
  • Sardar Samand Lake and Palace
  • Masuria Hills
  • Shastri Circle
  • Kailana Lake
  • Machia Biological Park
  • Somnath Temple
  • Balsamand Lake
  • Guda Village
  • Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
  • Sardar Government Museum
  • Government Museum of Mandore
  • Achal Nath Temple
  • Kunj Bihari Temple
  • Chand Bawri
  • Gulab Sagar Talab
  • Bheru Bagh
  • Sojati Gate
  • Ghanshyam Temple Jodhpur
  • Jalori Gate
  • Ganesh Temple Ratanada
  • Bhim Bhirak Cave
  • Ravana Temple


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