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A Sight to See: Jodhpur’s Newly Restored Stepwell

NY Times Mar 22, 2017, Gisela Williams

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The revival of Jodhpur, also known as the Blue City for its cerulean-painted houses, began seven years ago with the opening of the Raas hotel, which was conceived by Dhananajaya and Nikhilendra Singh. Now, the brothers are turning their attention to the nearby Toor ji ka Jhalra stepwell — an ancient type of well that often takes the shape of an inverted pyramid — whose two-year restoration may prove to be the city’s tipping point. For decades, the well sat filled with stagnant water, until the Singhs, with help from Jodhpur’s maharajah, purified the pool and sandblasted the steps. The day’s light hits them in a way that makes the place an architectural destination in its own right, but, as of this winter, there are also a dozen or so worthy shops and cafes around the well’s perimeter, from the sustainable design emporium Good Earth to an outpost of the Jaipur-based Gem Palace.

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