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Jhalawar to become First Government Hospital to have Helipad

Heera Kunwar Baa Janana Hospital in Jhalawar will soon become the first government hospital of Rajasthan to have a helipad.

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Jhalawar: Jhalawars’ Heera Kunwar Baa Janana Hospital is soon going to be the first government hospital in Rajasthan with an operational helipad.

The helipad is being developed to transport patients with severe medical cases to the more developed nearby hospitals, like that in Jaipur or Delhi, with Air Ambulance.

The helipad will bring efficiency in the transfer of patients who require urgent medical facilities. Usually such cases are sent to the Jaipur or Kota, but the lack of swift transportation often results in adverse results.

It takes minimum three hours to travel from Jhalawar to Jaipur, and the delay proves fatal for many patients who require medical attention by experts which is not possible in Jhalawar as stated by the dean of the government medical college in Jhalawar- Dr R K Asari.

He pointed out that no extra budget was used for the construction of the helipad. He also informed that the women hospital sees 9,000 deliveries every year and the number of these along with other cases is increasing with every passing year. It results in the apparent lack of staff in the hospital, another reason for frequent transfer of medical cases.

The presence of helipad, in such conditions will bring efficiency in the operations of the whole hospital. Though the helipad can be used to transfer cases to the private hospitals of other districts, its purpose remains unfulfilled unless other major government hospitals of the state like SMS hospital in Jaipur do not come up with helipads of their own.

Nevertheless, the development is being looked at in the bright lights by the experts who believe that it could be a beginning for helipad-equipped hospitals in the state.

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