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Jaisalmer has Devised an Ideal Alternative for Plastic Bags

The district is all set to use recycled saree bags in place of their plastic counterparts

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Jaisalmer: The district collector of Jaisalmer, Kailash Chand Meena, has come up with a brilliant alternative for plastic bags, that is, to use recycled saree bags in their place.

The plan was launched on the World Environment day with the intention of reducing the plastic garbage in the city. Though plastic has already been banned in the district, lack of alternatives has kept ban from becoming fully effective. In such a scenario, the recycling of old and discarded sarees has brought a fresh wave of hope in the fulfilling of the objective.

The unbridled use of plastic was becoming increasingly bad for the ecology of the Thar city, while on the other, health of the stray cattle was endlessly in jeopardy due to the consumption of toxic waste. In the regards the district collector has said “An alternative to plastic will address both these issues. We have asked the public to provide at least two old sarees per household. These old sarees can be deposited at various designated places in the city as per their convenience”, as reported by TOI.

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