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The magical street food mania!

Planning a delicious yet, economical meal? We bring you a list of the best street food places in Jaipur!

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sanjay omelette jaipur Egg Dee - Sanjay Omelette

sanjay omelette jaipur Egg Dee - Sanjay Omelette

gulab ji chai wale jaipur rajasthan

gulab ji chai wale jaipur rajasthan

original lassiwala jaipur

best lassiwala in jaipur

Pandit Pav-bhaji

Located opposite the famous Birla Mandir on Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg you will find many foodstalls with the name, Pandit Pav-bhaji. These, hands down serve the best pav-bhaji in Jaipur, which is inexpensive and offer a mouth-watering aroma. 

Pyaz Kachodi at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

Located at Sindhi Camp near Bus Stand, Rawat Mishthan Bhandar is famous for its Pyaz Kachodi. The crispy crust filled with lightly caramelized and seasoned onion filling is very popular amongst tourist and city-folk alike!

Egg Dishes at Sanjay Omelette

If you are interested in seeing magic with eggs, Sanjay Omelette Centre (also known as Sanjay Restaurant) is a place to be. The eating joint, popular amongst students, is located at Bapu Nagar Shopping Centre on University Marg, Jaipur. The place is a simple stall, with eggetarian offerings that will blow your mind. A huge variety of dishes can be found here like omelets, egg pizzas, noodles with eggs and bread with eggs etc. They have tied up with NECC and is renowned as the Egg Restaurant of Jaipur. The main chef has been part of the Masterchef India for the incredible egg preparations. This is a must visit place for any foodie. 

South Indian Food Corner

If you crave for South-Indian food, then this place is a true heaven. This food-stall, located at the entrance of National Handloom in Vaishali Nagar, beats the big restaurants at the game. Once you eat here, you will never go anywhere else for the South Indian food!

Gulabji Chai Wala

One of the best in Jaipur, if you are a tea lover, you must try the masala tea by Gulab Ji Chaiwala. The place is easy to spot as it is located opposite Saraogi Mansion on M.I. Road and remains crowded because of its popularity!


Falahaar now various branches in Jaipur, but the first one opened at Saraogi Mansion. Falahaar, as the name suggests, is famous for the meals that mainly consist of fruits. It provides one of the best fasting foods like Sabudane ki Khichdi, Dahi Vada, and Lassi. Srikhand and Fruit Cream are also preparations you must try at Falahaar.

Pani Puri or Gol Gappa at Chawla's

Fashion Street at Lane No. 1 in Raja Park is a place where one can have, with any doubt, the best, Gol Gappe/ Paani Puri in Jaipur. Chawla’s is also famous for its sweets!

Lassi at Lassiwala

Rajasthan is a very hot place and we love beating the heat with some Lassi (sweetened buttermilk). Lassiwala located at Ashok Nagar, M.I. Road serves the best lassi in Jaipur. It is a must try for every foodie!

Pandit Kulfi, Bhagwan Das Road

Kulfi is seriously the best invention ever for a foodie. The exotic appearance and the amazing taste make Matka kulfi one of the best desserts. Pandit Kulfi Bhandar located at Bhagwan Das Road provides the best Matka kulfi in Rajasthan. The Pista Matka Kulfi is their specialty so don't forget to try it!


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