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Jaipur Grand Food Festival | Culmination of FOOD & MUSIC

Jaipur Grand Food Festival with 15 food stalls are enough to send you straight into a culinary coma! It is a perfectly enthralling assemblage of food, fun and entertainment.

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Jaipur Grand Food Festival

Jaipur Grand Food Festival

Jaipur Lantern Festival

Jaipur Lantern Festival

Mahal Rajwada Resort

Mahal Rajwada Resort

Food with music can be categorized as a thrilling combination. Just imagine yourself eating mouthwatering, incredibly delicious dish at a place with heritage look with mellifluous music.

In the developing food culture of Jaipur, Jaipur is in need of a Great Grand Food Festival. The initiative of providing a Food Fest was taken up by Happy Globe Foundation. Happy Globe foundation is a NGO with a visionary social movement for youngsters to promote mental health and awareness through music, art, workshops, artist shows and social innovation.

Nowadays we believe in living the moment and enjoying it. JGFF is the actual place where you get food, fun and entertainment along with live music performances and a host of popular restaurants. To make it large there are three more events associated with it i.e. Rajasthan Music Festival, India Youth Leadership Festival and Jaipur Lantern Festival.


There are amazing bands from all over the country to entertain the people of Jaipur. Project Yugm, Sagar Lalwani, Musafir Band, and Nishad Band are the rocking musical sizzlers of the event.


India Youth Leadership Festival offers a platform for 'Inspirational Talks' to express ideas, experiences and stories, having everything from nukkad nataks, poetry sessions to fashion parades & talks on youth politics.


  • Rani Rukshmani Kumari (CEO, Star Foundation)
  • Jayshree Periwal (Chair Jayshree, Group of Schools)
  • Nisha Grover (Educationalist)
  • Surya Prakash (VP, Rajasthan Bodybuilding Association)
  • Sachin Sogani (Co-Founder, Finesse Advisory)
  • Divya Pandya (Architect)
  • Jai Sharma (Owner, Bar Stock Exchange)


While the Lantern festival represents “the collective elevation of peoples’ hopes, dreams, resolutions, goals and desires” by releasing paper lanterns into the sky. Lantern festival has music and activities to do before the lantern send-off. The beforehand gives you the time to truly become engaged with the magical experience. Lantern festival is good for making wishes and goals that you want to obtain. It's kind of making a New Year’s Resolution, but in a more memorable way.

So, let your Weekend be special! Revel in spectacular surroundings, listen to music and devour the delicious food and drink on offer in the NEW YEAR'S FIRST GRAND FOOD FESTIVAL.


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January 19-20, 2018


Mahal Rajwada Resort, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur


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