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CBSE 12th Result 2018 Out! Jaipur girl secured AIR 3

Chahat Bodhraj, an Arts student from Neerja Modi School in Jaipur has secured the third position in the country by scoring 497 marks out of 500.

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Chahat Bodhraj, AIR 3, CBSE 12th Result 2018

Chahat Bodhraj, AIR 3, CBSE 12th Result 2018

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) declared the results for Class 12 examinations and the top three positions have been clinched by girls. With 499 marks out of 500, Meghna Srivastava from Noida's Step by Step School secured the first position, followed by Anoushka Chandra of Ghaziabad's SAJ School at 498 and Chahat Bodhraj from Jaipur's Neerja Modi School at the third position with 497 marks.

Besides, Chahat, six others got 497 marks out of 500. Ludhiana's Astha Bamba, Tanuja Kapri from Haridwar, Supriya Kaushik from Noida, Ghaziabad's Nakul Gupta, Kshitij Anand from Vasundhra and Ananya Singh from Meerut shared the third berth.

Chahat Bodhraj is passionate about art and psychology and has actively participated in debates and recitations. A passionate painter, she has won the Golden Artist award at the Picasso Art Contest, an International Online Art Contest with the participation of students from more than 59 countries worldwide. Chahat also loves to play the piano.

Speaking about the result, Chahat said that the regularity in studies is what led her to top the exams. She gave the credit for her success to her family and teachers.

Sharing her preparation strategy, Chahat says she just focused on prescribed NCERT Books and the syllabus for clearing all the concepts. She also tells that she practiced a lot of sample papers which are available on the official website. She also relied on previous year papers for her preparation.

Advising all the students, she says they should take a deep breath, relax and meditate. These things will be of great help while studying and preparing for the exam. She asks the students to study hard and also give importance to good sleep and diet as well.

The principal of Neerja Modi, Indu Dubey is very proud of Chahat's result. She said that this achievement by Chahat is not surprising as they all hoped for the same. "She got the third position, but we were hoping for the first. Nevertheless, Chahat is one of the brightest students from our school and she provided us with many proud moments during her 15 years in our school from primary till now", the principal added.

Girls yet again outperformed boys with an overall passing percentage of 88.31 compared to 78.09 of boys.

The overall pass percentage is 83.01 and the top three regions are Trivandrum with 97.32 percent, Chennai with 93.87 percent and Delhi with 89.

The results can be checked on http://cbseresults.nic.in/ and http://cbse.nic.in/.


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