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Here's how Jaipur is forwarding towards being smart city

As per the reports, the smart city mission has 49 projects for Jaipur and 7 have been completed successfully. Work orders have been issued for 11 of them while another 18 projects are ready for the tender process.

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Public Cycle Sharing

Public Cycle Sharing

Smart Classroom

Smart Classroom

Smart Toilets

Smart Toilets

The Smart Cities Mission launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in June 2015 is gradually bearing positive results for the Pink City. In the wake of turning Jaipur into a more sustainable and citizen-friendly smart city, the authorities are taking numerous steps to bring a change.

Public Cycle Sharing

Recently, a public cycle sharing plan was launched in the city to let the citizens commute at a low cost and eco-friendly method. This is just one of the facilities that are planned to be implemented for the convenience of the citizens. Other steps like building smart toilets and smart classrooms are also being carried out gradually across the capital city.

Smart Classrooms

In around 15 government schools located in the walled city area, students are attending smart classrooms from the past two months now. They are learning lessons on interactive boards whereby the text content of the notebooks is projected through a projector.

For these smart classrooms, teachers were trained how to teach in the new setup. In all the 15 schools, one classroom has been transformed into a smart one by equipping computer systems, projectors, white boards and an uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

Smart Toilets

Moving on to the smart toilets, 10 spots across the city have been equipped with smart toilets containing sensors and GPS devices. As soon as the user inserts a coin, the toilet opens and lights and exhaust also switch on automatically. Then the toilet flushes water over the seat and it gets ready for use.

Other Projects

Other projects under the smart city mission include smart mobility which implies improvement of parking facilities and use of non-motorised vehicles. In addition, there is a rooftop solar project in which a 30KW plant is being installed at the Hawa Mehal zone and over Chaugan Stadium.

Besides, there is a 40 KW running at the JMC rooftop and a 950 KW plant at the University of Rajasthan. As far as heritage and tourism are concerned, efforts are being made to set up night bazaars and façade improvement of 9 bazaars is also in progress.


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