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Eshan Harsh - Award Winning Short Film Director

A yound lad from Jaipur directed a short film raising the issue of increasing suicides among students which bagged him a Special Jury Award at the 3rd International Short Film Festival Bengaluru (ISFFB). Let's know about Eshan Harsh.

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Eshan Harsh International Short Film Festival Bengaluru

Eshan Harsh

Certificate International Short Film Festival Bengaluru


Film Poster at International Short Film Festival Bengaluru

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news coverage International Short Film Festival Bengaluru

news coverage

According to the latest report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), one student every hour commits suicide in India. The reason being the rising competition in academics as well as on professional front, compatibility problems and the emotional challenges.

Concerned by the increasing number of student suicides, Eshan Harsh, a 15 year old high school student from Jaipur, with some of his friends thought of doing something about it. Their feeling on the need to spread awareness on the futility of suicides convinced him to create a short film on the subject.

The film, aptly named “Broken Ambitions”, bagged the Special Jury Award at the 3rd International Short Film Festival Bengaluru (ISFFB). V. V. Maheshwar, the director of ISFFB personally appreciated Eshan's work. The Film was also screened at the Rajasthan International Film Festival where it received warm and positive feedback.

Speaking to Oh My Rajasthan!, Eshan talked about his passion, changes he wish to bring in parent's mindset through the film, and his dreams.

Tell us something about your background? Like your education, schooling, field, time in Jaipur?

Born in Jodhpur, I am leaving in Jodhpur since last 12 years. I study in X Standard in Saint Xavier Senior Secondary School, Jaipur. Two years back, when I was in class 8th, I started photography. I love to click nature and wildlife and also started doing it professionally like clicking for models and events. Hence, want to go in this field in future.

What is your movie Broken Ambitions is all about?

The story of the short film “Broken Ambitions“ revolves around an ordinary High School student named Hitesh who also being the protagonist succumbs to the pain caused by his own kin and decides to get rid of his torturous life. This film reflects the repercussions of the “Imposition of Dreams and Expectations“ by few parents on their progeny which sometimes going overboard leads to a suicide which can also be put in a other words as a “Murder"!!!

What motivated you to bring this concept into a film?

Anshul Panicker and Hitesh Harsh, these seniors come up with this great story and I was so impressed about this story that I quickly said yes to be a Director and a Producer for this film.

How you got the support as we know that making a short film requires lots of efforts and finance as well?

First of all I thank my team for being there with me till last and My Parents who also supported me all the time and to all those haters who always demotivated me, I took that as motivation and started chasing my dream :) Finance was not a big deal for this movie.

How does it feel to bag the Special Jury Award at the 3rd International Short Film Festival Bengaluru (ISFFB)?

I was blessed and honored to be a award winner and I learned many things from big directors and cinematographers.

You are so young, how did you manage all this with your studies?

Managing studies is not a big deal as we should always take studies important and should also take other things with it like in the ratio of 50-50.

Any difficulties you faced during the film making?

Difficulties are always there in every work, what we have to do is be there and solve that problem and not giving up.

What are your future plans?

I want to go in this field only and want to be a part of National Geographic or Fox traveler.

Eshan, you are incredible in what you are doing, and we appreciate your efforts to influence people through this medium. We wish you all the best for your future!

Watch Broken Ambitions. Check out Eshan Harsh Photography. Here is the link to his YouTube Channel. Connect with Eshan Harsh at Facebook.


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