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To celebrate Independence Day 2018, Jaipur organizes ‘Know Your Army Mela’

Jaipur organizes ‘Know Your Army Mela’ at SMS Stadium Ground. This mela aimed at developing feeling of patriotism in people

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Jaipur organizes Know Your Army Mela

Army Personnel and Students

Jaipur organizes Know Your Army Mela

To celebrate the great occasion of Independence Day, ‘Know Your Army Mela’ was organised by Jaipur-based Sapta Shakti Command. This event was inaugurated by Major General Anuj Mathur on 13th August. It is being held at SMS Stadium ground, Jaipur. This event aimed at bringing the common people closer to the army. Know more.

Purpose of the ‘Know Your Army Mela’

This mela is organized to showcase the power of the Indian Army. It includes main battle tanks, infantry combat vehicle, long-range artillery equipment, static display of multi-barrel rocket launchers, air defence weapon system and a variety of infantry weapon systems.    

Apart from ammunition, this mela offers an opportunity to the people get to see the varied talent of the soldiers. A large number of people including school students got the opportunity to closely watch the activities of soldiers and how they carry out their tasks.

Both Indian Army and Sapta Shakti Command are working together to connect with the people.  This is the easiest way to develop the feeling of patriotism in the people. In this mela, people get opportunity to interact with Army personnel. In fact, army personnel can share their stories on various operations. These kinds of events are conducted throughout the country to encourage people to join defence services.


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