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Rajasthan's First Houseboat and Cataraman Restro in Jaisamand

After the famed Jaisamand Island Resort, Jaisamand is set to witness another makeover. This time, it will be the famed Houseboat culture, for which Kerala and Kashmir have been famous.

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Houseboat Holiday in Kerala

Houseboat Holiday

About 50 km away from the Udaipur city, Jaisamand is second largest man-made lake of Asia, which will now also be known as Honeymoon Destination, Marriage-Birthday Party Destination. Under the water sports, the house boat, catamaran boat will soon be started. In these boats, tourists will be able to enjoy not just night stay by sleeping in the middle of the lake, but also the beauty of the rising sun. Tourists will be able to experience comfort in nature. Officials of Tourism Department said that RTDC has contracted the Yash Amusement Company under Water Sports. Jetty has got ready on the lake of Jaisamand. Efforts are being made to launch it next month. Under the water sports in Jaisamand Lake there will be a speed boat, a scooter boat, as well as a house boat and catamaran boat. It is hoped that such a catamaran boat and house boat will be run for the first time in Rajasthan. So far this type of boat is operating in few states of the country, including Kerala, Kashmir.

Irshad Chaudhary of Yash Amusement told that three house boats under water sports will be run in Jaisamand. It has five rooms in a house, four rooms in one and a single room honeymoon suite house boat. By staying in these boats, the tourist can see the lake. Tourists will be able to experience beautiful adventures by staying on day-night in the moving boat.

The company has prepared the jetty, will start soon

In order to introduce water sports activity in Jaisamand, the company has prepared the Jetties. Will try to start from next month, said Sumita Saroj, deputy director, tourism department.

Jaisamand is Asia's second largest man-made lake. It is also known as Dhebar Lake. It was constructed by Maharana Jaisingh from the period between 1711 and 1730 on the Gomti river. It consists of nine rivers and 99 nallows, which fills it. Its depth is 27.5 feet. This was overflow for the first time in 1973. There are 2 lakh 31 thousand tourists in the last ten months. The elephant made on its palm has special properties. If the last elephant made on the palate gets water to the chains bound in the feet then the lake becomes overflow. This is the identity of having a lake overflow. Jaisamand's overflow is at a place named Namla, about eight kilometers away from Pal.

This facility in Rajasthan is nowhere

At present, such boating facility is not available anywhere in Rajasthan. The catamaran boat will be an air-conditioned restaurant. This restaurant will run in the lake. The tourists coming here will be able to admire the beauty of the lake from inside the restaurant in the royal style and can also take lunch and dinner here. Even the catamaran boat between the lakes will be able to organize up to the tourist or city dweller party, the marriage party.


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