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Know the History of Formation of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Foundation Day is celebrated with utmost zing and enthusiasm, for which a three-day ‘Rajasthan Festival’ is organized every year from 28th March-30th March,

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Rajasthan Foundation Day

Rajasthan Foundation Day

Today Rajasthan is celebrating the 69th Rajasthan Day, on this day 69 years ago this vibrant state came into the existence as Rajasthan which was known as Rajputana earlier. This honorable day is celebrated with utmost zing and enthusiasm in Jaipur as it is the capital city, in its celebration a four-day ‘Rajasthan Festival’ is organized, this time the Rajasthan Festival is conducted between 28th March-30th March, In the festival various cultural programs, Marathons, Air Shows, Camel tattoo show, short film festival, Bhajans, and Qawwalis are organized.

Rajasthan is the largest state of India and before Independence, there were around 21 small and big princely states, the challenge was to unify them all. The princely states were annexed to the union of India on the Indian Independence 15th August 1947 but their unification is accomplished only in April 1947 in various phases which are as follows.

1. Matsya Union

The four princely states of Alwar, Bharatpur, Dhaulpur, and Karauli formed the Matsya Union which was inaugurated on 17th March 1948. The cabinet of this union was formed under the leadership of Shri Shobha Ram.

2. Rajasthan Union

The Rajasthan Union formed by the union of more states namely Banswara, Bundi, Dungarpur, Jhalawar, Kishangarh, Pratapgarh, Shahpura, Tonk, and Kota.The Rajasthan Union was formed on 25th March 1948.Kota became the capital of the union and Kota Naresh was appointed as Rajpramukh, Shri Gokul Lal Asawa was appointed as the chief minister

3. United State of Rajasthan

Just after three days of the formation of Rajasthan Union, the Maharana of Udaipur decided to join the Rajasthan Union which was accepted by the Government of India. The Maharana of Udaipur was appointed as Rajpramukh and Kota Naresh was appointed as Uprajpramukh of this union, the cabinet was under the leadership of Manikya Lal Verma. This union was inaugurated by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru on 18th April 1948.

4. Greater Rajasthan

The big states like Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, and Jodhpur got merged and formed great Rajasthan on 30th March 1949 which was inaugurated by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. The Maharana Bhopal Singh of Udaipur was appointed as the Rajpramukh and Kota Naresh was appointed as the Uprajpramukh. The cabinet was formed under the leadership of Shri Hiralal Shastri.

5. United State of Greater Rajasthan

Matsya union was merged into Greater Rajasthan on May 15th, 1949 and the union was called United State of Greater Rajasthan

6. United Rajasthan

Sirohi was left to join the union; Sirohi joined it on January 26th, 1950.

7. Re-Organized Rajasthan

Ajmer-Merwara region was annexed to Rajasthan in November 1956.Madhya Pradesh’s Bhanpura tehsil and Abu of Gujrat were also merged with Rajasthan.

source: udaipurbeats


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