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Rajasthan: Jodhpur Hit with Heavy Rainfall – Vehicles and Roads Collapsed

During the last 24 hours, with the advancement of Monsoon into more parts of Rajasthan, torrential rains battered several areas of the state. Now, the northern limit of Storm is passing through Barmer and kota.

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Jodhpur bore the maximum brunt as across the city the torrential rains triggered flood like situation. People could see flowing with the water, and massive water logging has seen to such an extent.

Near areas have recorded some dark spells though Jodhpur observatory has recorded 16.2 mm of rain. As it does not drop much in the city, the city does not seem to have a proper drainage system.

Meanwhile, to torrential rains, rest of the places of Rajasthan have also recorded moderate. Mount Abu has recorded 57.6mm of rain in the span of 24 hours from 8:30 am on Saturday followed by Siker 24mm, Alwar 12mm, Jalore 8mm and Udaipur 5.4 mm.

To the several weather system prevailing over the region, these rains can attribute. Over southeast Rajasthan, a cyclonic circulation has marked. From Rajasthan to eastward parts of the country an east-west trough has also run for last many days.

From the Arabian Sea, humid winds have reached the state, leading to rains over several areas. The state will continue to receive first Monsoon rains for another 24 to 48 hours, and these weather systems are likely to persist.

Source: Phone Mantra

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