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Happy Cities: Coming Soon in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Truths Apr 05, 2017, RT Reporter

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Keeping in line with the announcements by the United Nations Organization (UNO), Rajasthan government has decided to boost the ‘happiness index’ of native cities—a project that will be implemented and monitored by the CM herself. Every year, UNO releases a list of parameters determining the ‘happiness index’ of various cities and people. Additionally, the government of India declares the criteria for ‘happiness and liability index’, of its own. State government will consider these parameters as standards to gauge the progress of cities in Rajasthan.

Nodal Officers, Audit Companies & Public Feedback through App will Determine the ‘Happiness’ of the Cities…

Rajasthan’s local self government department has been given the responsibility to develop happy cities in Rajasthan. The idea is to ensure that public servants realize their responsibility and start working in all key sectors of development. The cities will be judged on the basis of: Cleanliness, education, electricity, water, sports, entertainment, public transportation, social harmony, law and order.

District collectors (nodal officers) will inspect the projects being undertaken in each individual division/district. To ensure that all officers and departments are working properly, the authorities will invite audit companies to verify the outcomes of policy implementation.

A new app will be developed to collect feedback from local residents.

The ‘Happy’ Winners will Receive Lucrative Prizes…

The state will felicitate the various departments, district collectorates and divisions that score good marks. The local self government department has already drafted the blueprint with defined statistics for the same.

Based on this fool-proof plan, we can say that soon, Rajasthan will be brimming with happiness!

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