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Hanuman Jayanti 2017

In Hindu mythology, Shri Hanuman is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. He was born to Kesari and Anjani on fifteenth day of the Shukla Paksh of the Hindu month, Chaitra.

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Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated by the Hindus from all over the world to acknowledge the balanced harmony of the whole human sorority with the nature’s incredible creature, Lord Hanuman from Vanara community. He was born on the Shukla Purnima of Hindu month of Chaitra, to Kesari and Anjani, which is why he is known as 'Kesari Nandan' and 'Anjaneya'.

The philosophy of epic Ramayana is incomplete without appreciating the immeasurable devotion of Lord Hanuman for Shri Rama. Shri Hanuman or Lord Hanuman was incarnated as the 11th Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva and is regarded as the God of power, strength and knowledge. He has devout his life only for his Lord Rama and Mata Sita and never showed his courage and intellect without any intention or motive. The devotees of the Lord Hanuman pray him for being blessed with the same for their shiny future. He is worshipped in various ways by his devotees; some meditates by repeating his name many times to get power, fame, success and etc. in life, whereas some read the Hanuman Chalisa for the same.

Hanuman Jayanti celebration has lots of importance to all however, Brahmacharis, wrestlers and bodybuilders are specially inclined towards this celebration. The celebrations take place at all the Hanuman temples all around the world. The temples are decorated and devotees visit the temples, offer their prayers to the deity by chanting Hanuman Chalisa and performing Aarti.

The main celebration in Rajasthan takes place at the Salasar Balaji Temple, located in Churu district, nearly 55 kilometers from Sikar town. A big fair takes place here on this day and a huge number of devotees from all over the world visit the temple on this day.

Special prasad known as Sawa Mani, which means 1-1/4 maunds (old Indian unit) or nearly 50 kilograms of prasad either of Churma (a Rajasthani dish made of wheat flour, sugar and ghee), Laddu or Bundi and Peda is offered. The prasad is being offered to Brahmins first, before devotees take it for themselves. A lot of devotees of Lord Hanuman observe a fast on this day.


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