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Handicraft to witness bloom in Rajasthan

Mega handicraft clusters are to be developed in Barmer and Jodhpur

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Barmer: In order to promote the rich handicraft tradition of Rajasthan, the Union Ministry has decided to establish two mega clusters of handicraft in the districts of Barmer and Jodhpur.

Union Ministry of Handicraft has signed to fund the project with Rs. 88 crores, out of which Rs. 10 crore have already been put to use in the first phase of the development. In this regards, Joint Director (Industries) Avindra Laddha said that training camps and other activities have already started as a part of the first phase.

On the subject, state industry commissioner Kunjilal Meena stated that 13,860 artisans will be given special training under the project, on the disciplines of trade and export. Furthermore, 15,000 craftsmen will also be provided with necessary tools. He also informed about the organisation of the mega clusters that may have separate centres for export promotion and fashion technology. As per the reports, around 20,000 artists, from both the districts, have already been surveyed under the project and for them unique artisan cards are now being prepared.

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