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Hadoti School of Paintings

The detailed and vivid artistic expression from Hadavat Rajputs’ reign

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Hadoti school of paintings is often counted among the most qualitative Rajput style paintings, and for the right reasons too. Here you will find brief information on the major categories of the Hadoti school of painting that are named after the two major princely states of the erstwhile kingdom, that are also now among the major districts of the state.

Bundi style paintings: Influenced by Mughal, Chunar and Deccani styles of painting, the art in Bundi is the first of its kind in the Hadoti School of Painting and style. The style flourished during the reign of the Hada Rajputs, from who the region takes its name on. The distinct features of this school of art include the use of a bright yet selective colour palette, much like the Mewar school of painting, and compositions of lush landscapes that depict a variety of flora and fauna. The portrayal of nayak and nayika, the man and woman, are central to paintings from this school. These figures are graceful with tall and slim limbs. The women are portrayed with small round faces, receding foreheads, prominent noses, chins, and full red lips. Some paintings posses a yellow band on the top on which texts are written in Nagiri characters. These paintings usually convey the themes such as hunting and some are also visual narrations of the legends of Lord Krishna.

Kota style paintings: The Kota style is considered another style of painting from the many among the Hadoti School of Art. The Kota style paintings, some of which are drawn on the walls of Palaces in Kota depict Mother Nature in all her glory. The Kota artists used attractive elements from hunting scenes and beautiful women. These paintings look very natural in their appearance and are mesmerizing.

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