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Kamra Khas Government Museum, Bharatpur

Boasting a fusion of Mughals and Rajput architecture, the Government Museum of Bharatpur is experiencing a steep rise in the number of tourists.

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Government Museum Bharatpur

Government Museum Bharatpur

Government Museum Bharatpur

Government Museum Bharatpur

Government Museum Bharatpur

Government Museum Bharatpur

Government Museum Bharatpur

Bronze Miniature

Government Museum Bharatpur

Bronze Ganesh Ji Miniature

Government Museum Bharatpur

Sculptured Heads

Government Museum Bharatpur

Sculptured Heads

Government Museum Bharatpur

Wooden Sarus Crane

Government Museum Bharatpur

Museum Door

The grandeur of Rajasthan’s royalty come alive with the Bharatpur Palace. A perfect fusion of Mughal and Rajput architecture, this magnificent palace is not just a piece of history but has created many chapters of history with its royal charm, elegance, and splendors. Located within this stunning palace is the ‘Kamra Khas’, a museum that houses numerous artifacts and remembrance of Bharatpur’s past.

Kamra Khas, now known as Government Museum, contains a vast number of antiques, over 581 stone sculptures, 861 local art and craft wares and ancient scriptures that depict the art and culture typical of Bharatpur.

Overview of the museum

Built in phases by different Maharajas, the museum adds a new dimension to Bharatpur tourism. The tourists are often astonished by beautifully decorated apartments and the magnificently designed floor. The exquisite design in the museum reflects a great taste of the maharajas of that period. The government museum is indeed a landmark where you will find the amalgamation of the state's glorious past and the exhibits that contributed a lot in building such a rich culture.

Located in the center of Lohagarh Fort, the Bharatpur Museum or the Government Museum portrays a rich collection of various archaeological items. The huge building, Kachahari Kalan, which houses the museum, was previously the administrative block of the rulers of Bharatpur state. It was converted into a museum in 1944. The building was altered a bit later on as floor was added to the museum.

Collections of the museum

Within the Government Museum, there are a number of tourist attractions as well. The Kamra Khas of the fort after being transformed into museum displays an exquisite collection of antiques, sculptures and a number of ancient inscriptions. The central wing of the museum also provides an enriching experience as well. It displays a wide collection that dates back to the 2nd century. Witnessing the collection will be a worthy experience as it will give you a perfect demonstration of the art and skill of the region. The museum also possesses sculptures that were found after the excavation of villages like Bayana, Bareh, and Mailah. Witnessing these sculptures are also a great experience for the tourists these sculptures date back to the Kuslian period. The various artifacts, inscriptions boast immense historical value and helps in making Government Museum one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bharatpur.

It is quite obvious that a museum possessing such a wide variety of historically significant collection will end up attracting a large number of tourists. Moreover, the visit to the museum will also let you get a clear idea about the royal past of the region. Hence, if you are planning a visit to Bharatpur then you must make sure that you pay a visit to the Government Museum or else you will be missing something big.

How to Reach Bharatpur

Bharatpur Government Museum

Timing: 09.45 am to 5.15 pm

Closed: Monday and Public Holidays

Entry Fees:

Rs 5 Indians

Rs 50 Foreigners

Students Rs 2

Foreign Students Rs 25

Camera Rs 10

Video Rs 20


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