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Goga Medi Fair begins from 4th September, 2018

Gogamedi Fair has a great cultural significance. It is actually held to commemorate the regional hero, Goga Veer.

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 Gogaji also known as Jahar Veer Gogga

Goga medhi

Goga Medhi Fair

Goga Medhi Fair Rajasthan

Goga Medhi Fair


Popularly known as Goga Navami, Goga Medhi is a Hindu Festival. On the 9th day of ‘Bhadrapad’, the festival of Goga Navami is observed. This festival celebrates the popular folk deity ‘Jahar Veer Gogga’. He is also worshipped as Gugaji, who is seen riding a blue coloured horse as well as blue flag. This festival is observed with immense joy. Beginning from Shravana Purnima, people worship deity Gogaji for nine days, until Navami. This festival is observed in the region of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab.

Born as powerful Rajput prince, Gogaji believes to have power to control venomous snakes. Worshipped as regional snake god, he possessed incredible art of healing snake bites. Hindus believe that by worshipping him, they will be protected them from snakes and other evils.

On the occasion of Goga Medhi, grand fairs are held.  The fair begins from 9th day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad and continues for three days. This year, the festival begins from 4th September and ends on 6th.


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